Compositions and Arrangements

One of my major drives in music is composing and arranging music and producing bands. Check out some examples underneath and feel free to contact me if you think I can help you writing, arranging or producing your music.

I made several arrangements and compositions for “Catherine Delasalle”  with different ensembles.

From horn players, strings, guitars and voice to guitar voice violin cello and accordeon.

Arrangements and compositions for “Orchestra Tanguedia”; violin, piano, bandoneon, upright bass, voice and guitar.

Arrangements and compositions for “Melike”; voice, percussion, saxophone and guitar.

Currently working on arrangements and compositions for “Andrelina Freitas”, a singer with Portugees roots.

Recently I wrote music to the poem by Aldous Huxley “In the middle of countries” for the 775th anniversary of my homecity Eeklo.

My Cd ” ’till now” consists of only original compositions and arrangements by myself. And I am working on new material for trio; bass guitar, drums and guitars.

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